Zag Mania Game Plan for Thursday; it’s game day!

Zag Mania Game Plan for Thursday; it’s game day!

It’s finally game day, and Gonzaga has had a lot more rest than the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights ahead of today’s 4:30 p.m. PT tip-off, but here’s what the Bulldogs will be focusing on today to avoid any upset.

First, it’s keeping their emotions in check. A 16-seed has defeated a 1-seed, thanks to UMBC crushing the number one overall-seeded Virginia last year. It’s easy to let the excitement and hype of the tournament, plus 10 days of separation from their last game, but the Zags have experience on their side when it comes to the NCAA tournament. Keeping emotions at bay will help them do what they do best.

The second focus is hydration. Game day requires more from your body than any other day, and add in the elevation of Salt Lake City, keeping their bodies hydrated will be important against an already-tired team.

Number three has come natural to them for 30 games this year. Unleash the fury on the opponent. High-flying, fast-paced, dizzying offense is what helped the Zags top Duke at full strength, and dominate the West Coast Conference. Once the initial butterflies are gone, this team has to let loose and be confident. If they do that, watch out.

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