‘You’re not alone’: Former Spokane Chiefs player reveals he is sexual abuse survivor in Chicago Blackhawks case

SPOKANE, Wash. — A former player for the Spokane Chiefs has broken his silence, revealing he was sexually assaulted by a Chicago Blackhawks coach in 2010.

Kyle Beach filed a lawsuit against the team for mishandling the sexual assault allegations, and now, a report has concluded management ignored his complaints.

Beach was 20-years-old when he says he was sexually assaulted by former Blackhawks video coordinator Brad Aldrich.

“I felt like I was alone and there was nothing I could do and nobody I could turn to for help,” Beach said in an interview with TSN Wednesday.

According to the lawsuit, the incident took place when Beach was in the minor league. He was called up to the pros for the playoffs.

Beach claims he reported the sexual assault to several senior leaders within the organization, but nothing was done.

“[They told me] it was my fault because I put myself in that situation,” Beach said. “There are no words to describe it, there really isn’t.”

The Spokane Chiefs shared their support for Beach on Twitter writing, “We hope the process will provide Kyle with some sense of relief and healing moving forward. We are proud of his leadership and hope his bravery will help others. Once a Chief, always a Chief.”

“I buried this for 11 years and it has destroyed me from the inside out,” Beach said. “I want everybody to know, in the sports world and in the world, that you are not alone.”

The Blackhawks organization released their own statement saying, “The Blackhawks have implemented numerous changes and improvements within the organization, including hiring a new leadership team that is committed to winning championships while adhering to the highest ethical, professional and athletic standards.”

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