‘Your days are numbered’: U of I victim’s sister calls for justice, answers

SPOKANE, Wash. — Olivia GonCalves says her sister, Kaylee GonCalves, was a fighter. While her sister’s death leaves so many unanswered questions, there’s one thing she can be sure of: she wants justice.

Kaylee had just bought a new car and had big plans for the future, including starting a new tech job in Texas. Kaylee and Madison Mogen who were both killed Sunday morning were good friends. The two were inseparable.

“They meet in the fifth, sixth grade, and that was it. Like there was just no going back. They always had each other, and Karen, Maddie’s mom always said, ‘You just need one good friend in life,’ and they were each others one good friend, for better or for worse because they had their fair share of fights. Honestly, most of the time it was Kaylee’s fault,” Olivia GonCalves said.

Mogen was the bonus child to the Gonzalves family.

“In true fashion to themselves, they did everything together. And I know that it’s unfortunate they had to experience this tragedy together. But we are taking a bit of consolation in knowing that they weren’t alone. We can’t imagine what they went through. But it feels a little bit easier to swallow knowing that they had each other,” she said.

The victim’s families are coming to grips with so much loss as unanswered loom. Mogen and Gonzalves went to a bar Saturday night before returning home not knowing it would be the last time.

“To the individual who did this, your days are numbered. It’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and I would put everything in me on that. We have a lot of support from local authorities, from state authorities, from the FBI, as well as four families. I’m just one piece of that,” GonCalves said.

GonCalves is asking the public to call in anything they may have heard or seen that night. You’re encouraged to call the tip line at 208-883-7180.

“I don’t know if my sisters wanted to be buried. I don’t know if they wanted to be cremated. I don’t know if they want white roses or red roses. That will forever haunt me. I do know that they would want justice. They would want this individual found and I can do that, ” GonCalves said.

GonCalves says she’s gone through her own avenues to try and find answers. She’s spoken with people they were with Saturday night, and even the Uber driver who drove them.

GonCalves says she’s frustrated with the limited information from police. She feels like there should have been more emphasis on help from the public in the first 48 hours.

Two other roommates were in the home at the time of the murders and were unharmed. GonCalves says she’s tried to make contact with them too but has not heard from them.

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