YMCA Inland Northwest bracing themselves for up to $3 million loss in revenue this year

SPOKANE, Wash. — So many local organizations are taking a hit financially during this pandemic, even our local YMCA is suffering. Because YMCA hasn’t been able to offer its usual programs, no gym or childcare, and they’ve seen a significant loss in memberships costing them millions of dollars.

When we think about the YMCA, we often think about a fitness center and we think about exercise. But it is so much more than that, according to one member that 4 News Now spoke to.

For more than a month now, YMCA gyms have sat empty. No runners on treadmills and no lifters on weight machines. For many, that just means a workout we never got to. For YMCA of the Inland Northwest, however, that’s money that does not come through the door especially when you can’t run youth sports programs.

“A year-end loss in the neighborhood of $2 to 3 million,” said Steve Tammaro, CEO of YMCA Inland Northwest.

That’s a big hit when you have four YMCA locations to run in Spokane, one in Sandpoint, two early learning centers, and Camp Reed.

“We furloughed a significant amount of part-time staff, and committed to keeping all full-time staff employed through the month of April including benefits,” Tammaro said.

YMCA has 20,000 membership accounts in the Inland Northwest. That’s around 50,000 members. They were each given the option to continue paying, hold their account, or cancel.

“Pretty lucky that a good part of our membership has decided to stay with us. They’re continuing dues,” Tammaro said.

One of those members who continues to pay, Helen Black. She’s also an active YMCA volunteer. Black has been a member for more than ten years.

“We’re lifelong members, we will be lifelong members of the YMCA and we will always support them,” Black said.

Black said YMCA is both her community and family. That’s why she continues to support it.

“I have seen youth come to the Central Y for homework support. I have seen many youth come to the Central Y for a meal,” Black said.

YMCA said they’re raising money to avoid cutting programs when they reopen.

“We’re going to come back. We have served the community for 136 years,” Tammaro said.

If you would like to help your local YMCA and donate, you can do that straight through their website, ymcainw.org

On their homepage, you hover over the ‘support’ tab, and you can find the ‘donate’ button. You can donate any amount. It is all appreciated.