WSU’s Rolovich responds to conversation with Woods

Nick Rolovich details what he expects so far for the 2020 Cougar football season
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Nick Rolovich speaks to the media at his introductory press conference on January 16

PULLMAN, Wash. — Social media was having a hard time keeping up with several reports that Kassidy Woods had been kicked off the football team.  It turns out, Woods opted-out of the season due to a pre-existing medical condition that makes him vulnerable to COVID-19.

A recorded conversation between Woods and Nick Rolovich was released where the football coach asked Woods about his involvement with the #WeAreUnited group joining PAC-12 athletes demanding financial, health, and social changes.

The reports that several players on the WSU football team had been kicked off due to their ties with the #WeAreUnited group were quickly squashed and turned out to be false.  Those reports were not from the staff at Four News Now.

Tonight coach Rolovich released the following statement:

“I spoke with Kassidy Woods in a private phone conversation last Saturday afternoon. This was before the #WeAreUnited group had released its letter of concerns. Kassidy informed me he was opting out of this season for health and safety concerns. I wanted to clarify with Kassidy that his decision was based on health and safety and reaffirm our policy related to COVID-19 and the assurance of his scholarship. Without knowing the concerns of the group, I regret that my words cautioning Kassidy have become construed as opposition. I’m proud of our players and all the Pac-12 student-athletes for using their platform, especially for matters they are passionate about. WSU football student-athletes who have expressed support for the #WeAreUnited group will continue to be welcome to all team-related activities, unless they choose to opt out for health and safety reasons.”