WSU welcomes largest freshman class in history

WSU welcomes largest freshman class in history

Just about everywhere you looked Wednesday in Pullman you saw couches being carried by parents shedding tears. It’s move in day – and it was the biggest in school history.

“It’s a lot,” said new student Megan Beatty. “I’m stressing a little bit but I’m excited.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready to leave,” complained Lisa Williams, mother of a freshman student. “You’re going to have to pry me from the door jam, but that’s what comes next.”

Understandably – parents and students were far too wrapped up in their own emotions to take a look at the bigger picture; that they were part of the largest incoming freshman class in Washington State history.

“It’s important for people to understand it’s not that Washington State extended more invites to students than normal,” explained Phil Weiler, VP of Communications and Marketing. “It’s actually just the opposite, that more students accepted those offers from W-S-U.”

Up until this summer, the previous high for an incoming Pullman class was just north of 4,200. The count for this class won’t be official until October – but it’s expected to be in the ballpark of 4,400 – making housing a squeeze.

Fortunately – the university was able to make accommodations for every member of the historic class, allowing parents the peace of mind to worry only about leaving their babies

“My dad’s cried already twice today,” Megan said.