WSU Head Coach Nick Rolovich still waiting for the status of his religious vaccine exemption

PULLMAN, Wash. —The future of Washington State University’s head football coach is still in jeopardy over the vaccine.

Nick Rolovich confirmed on Saturday he asked for a religious exemption. However, even if it’s approved, he may not be able to keep his job.

The information came after a USA Today article was published that morning. Rolovich’s former mentor and head coach at Hawaii, June Jones, revealed he had talked to the Cougs coach about the vaccine mandate several times over the last two months. Jones said he had urged Rolovich to get the shot. Not only for himself but for the university’s credibility, the lives of the assistant coaches and their families.

Rolovich clearly did not want Jones to share that information.

“Not terribly happy with the way it happened. I just, I hope there’s no player that I coach that has to wake up and feel the way I felt today. I’m not sure it was malicious, but that wasn’t a great thing to wake up to,” said Rolovich in the press conference.

In his weekly Monday press conference, Rolovich said he had no update on the status of his religious exemption with the university. He also didn’t really answer any vaccine or exemption questions beyond that.

Multiple outlets are reporting that religious exemption applications are being reviewed by a WSU committee. Committee members are “blinded” so they don’t know who the applicant is.

There’s more to it than just getting approved. Even if Rolovich is granted the exemption, he can still be fired if accommodations can’t be made.

WSU will play Stanford Saturday afternoon and has a chance to improve to 4-3 on the season.  That could also be the last game Rolovich coaches as the deadline is on Monday.

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