WSU College Republicans President resigns after attending rally in Charlottesville

WSU College Republicans President resigns after attending rally in Charlottesville

James Allsup announced Monday he is resigning as president of the WSU College Republicans after he was seen participating in the Charlottesville rally.

Allsup said the change has been in the works before his trip to Charlottesville. His presence at the rally created a lot of unwanted attention for the school and the College Republicans. But those who knew Allsup, said his attendance isn’t surprising.

James Allsup apparently live streamed his experience marching through the streets of Charlottesville. The video was later deleted, but not before being saved by other YouTubers.

Allsup was one of the founders of the WSU College Republicans, a group he started with junior Jacob Heinen.

Heinen said he wanted to form the group to discuss the benefits of limited government. But he noticed them moving further into a fringe movement known as the Alt-Right.

“Their values have shown, they’re pro-eugenics, which is a huge aspect of being Alt-Right,” said Heinen.

But Heinen said he believes that the group isn’t actually firm in its Alt-Right beliefs, but that they just enjoy antagonizing others. He said he believes the members of the group do not promote racism.

He said conservatives do not promote the racist ideologies on display in Charlottesville. WSU also added that those ideologies have no place at the University.

“I know that we are not reflective of what is there in Charlottesville and I would hope that that student also believes that and is not joining in with those ideologies that only white people belong here,” said Jordan Frost, WSU Student Body President.

The president of WSU said in a statement that the University strongly denounces any form of white supremacy and WSU will be working harder to create a more open and diverse atmosphere on campus.