WSDOT snow plow crews prepare for winter storm

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington Department of Transportation is preparing for the incoming snowstorm in the Inland Northwest with extra crews and equipment.

Snow days mean hectic days for WSDOT, and roughly 200 plow drivers are gearing up for a busy day of clearing out roads.

“We like to look at this as our Superbowl. This is kind of our big event for the year,” said Ryan Overton, communications manager of WSDOT’s Eastern Region.

Last year, WSDOT saw a snow plow driver shortage, but this year, they’re ready.

“As of this year, we are fully staffed, and went to a winter shift on November 15,” Overton said.

Plow drivers are now preparing to work around the clock 24/7 once the snow seriously hits.

“If the conditions worsen, people on their days off will get called in, so we will have additional crews who can come in on a standby notification. We will have additional coverage, additional plow drivers and equipment out on the roadway,” Overton said.

“WSDOT says drivers are asked to watch for plow drivers on the road, too.

“We just ask that you give our plow drivers the space to do the work what they need to do to keep the roads clear,” Overton said.

Drivers are also expected to travel slowly when plowing is in progress.

“35 miles an hour or less, if you go any faster, you are going to be pushing snow 20 to 30 yards off the roadway that creates hazardous condition itself,” Overton said.

Plow drivers will also be putting salt and sand on the ground, and driving too fast will scatter them off to the shoulder.

So, just remember to give plenty of space to plow drivers, and drive slower in the snow.

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