WSDOT: Camp Hope down to around 138 people

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Transportation released a new snapshot count of Camp Hope for the week of January 9, saying the camp is down to about 138 people.

According to the count, around 60 people left the camp within a month, as the December 12 snapshot count said 198 people were living at the site.

WSDOT also says there are 93 tents still up, four vehicles, and 20 RVs, though six of them were towed away on January 12.

Camp Hope has significantly dropped in numbers since the summer, where an estimated 600+ people were living there.

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Credit: WSDOT

As of Jan. 9, 51 people had moved from Camp Hope into the Catholic Charities’ Catalyst emergency supportive housing facility.

WSDOT is in its third step towards closing the camp, now working to get the remaining occupants into housing so crews can clean and restore the site.

Camp Hope snapshot counts will continue bi-weekly until the area is vacated.

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