Working 4 You: Avoiding Avista phone scam

Working 4 You: Avoiding Avista phone scam

A phone scam targeting Avista customers is circling Spokane.

Several customers have reported receiving calls from numbers claiming to be Avista, seeking payment on an outstanding bill.

Many folks pay up, only to find out later that they’ve been scammed out of hundreds of dollars.

Spokane Police say they see this type of scam fairly frequently: Scammers, hiding behind the mask of a legitmate company.

But, by the time police get involved, many folks have already lost their money.

If you get a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from Avista (or another company like a bank or medical facility) jot the number down and pay close attention.

There are a few buzzwords scammers will use that Avista or a real company would not.

Does the caller:

– Demand payment “immediately?”

– Threaten to “disconnect” or “shut off” your service if you don’t pay?

– Ask you to purchase a “prepaid card” or visit a “pay station”.

If so, consider those red flags, and contact Avista and local law enforcement immediately.