Wordle: the word game sweeping the nation

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SPOKANE, Wash. — If you logged into Twitter the past few weeks, you saw probably saw a new word on the trending list: Wordle.

A mix of Words with Friends and Battleship with a dash of Wheel of Fortune, America is addicted to this new, trendy game.

Well, what is it? Wordle is a word guessing game where you have six guesses to decipher a five-letter word.

The game tells you if you got a letter in the word correct (yellow), and if you have it in the right position (green). If you get all letters in the correct order, you win.

Millions are taking to Twitter to flex their deciphering skills, along with intriguing newcomers who are confused why people are tweeting a bunch of colored emoji blocks.


Some are saying Wordle is based off the early 2000’s game show “Lingo,” and the similarities between the two is undeniable.

A main reason people are hooked is because Wordle only has one puzzle per day. Players only have six attempts daily, and if they can’t solve it, there is always tomorrow’s puzzle.

All players have the same word to guess too, making the game quite competitive. Many Wordle knock-offs are appearing on the app store, but most players know where the original is online.

Want to give it a shot? Try your hand at the game here.

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