Woman’s Ex-Husband Says She Was Mentally Ill

SPOKANE — A former Spokane woman who was killed in a shootout with police in Utah this week, was mentally ill, according to her ex-husband.  

34 year-old Kelly Wark was a native of Seattle but lived in Spokane for years. She was killed in Lehi, Utah after shooting a police officer twice in the head.

Wark met Craig Hancock at speed dating at a Christian singles event. Hancock says Wark’s mental illness ended the marriage after a few months. He says she carried a gun because she didn’t feel safe and was paranoid some one was going to attack her.

“It wasn’t Kelly that shot the cop, it was that sickness it was whatever schitzo or paranoia, it wasn’t Kelly,” Hancock said. “I’m guessing when they got there she thought they were after her so she shot one of them when they came in.”

Hancock said living with Wark was like living with two people. Most of the time she was quiet, fun and sweet, introverted, but occasionally she would become very angry. He believes it’s that side of her that took her life.