Woman suspected of drugging woman, trying to kidnap baby released from jail

Juliette Parker

PIERCE CO., Wash. — A woman that the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office say tried to drug a woman and kidnap her baby has been released from jail on Sunday, after posting bail.

The woman, known as Juliette Parker, “Juliette Noel” and “Juliette Gains,” was arrested on Friday. According to the Pierce County Jail roster, she posted $50,000 bail on Sunday.

KOMO News reports that investigators are still looking for more potential victims. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office says that a 38-year-old woman, known under several aliases, tried to lure new moms posing as a baby photographer, before drugging them and attempting to steal their children.

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The Sheriff’s Office was first made aware of the kidnapping plot when police were called by a mother who believed she was drugged by another woman.

This woman reportedly spoke with Parker through a newborn baby Facebook group, where Parker offered to take free baby photos. She met at the new mother’s house three times, taking selfies with the baby and wiping her fingerprints off of things she touched in the home.

On her third visit, she brought her teenage daughter, and allegedly drugged the woman with a cupcake, who eventually told them both to leave.

When they left, the victim discovered her house keys were missing.

Now, several mothers have come forward with information for investigators. Parker’s court date is set for Tuesday.