Woman rescued by U.S. Border Patrol in Stevens County

Woman rescued by U.S. Border Patrol in Stevens County

The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident involving a severely injured woman found by U.S. Border Patrol agents near Boundary Port Entry on June 8th.

Agents were on patrol when they found the woman, who had severe trauma to both arms as well as other potential trauma. After making an initial medical assessment, agents provided the woman with first aide and summoned Stevens County Emergency Medical Services and the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the woman was later identified as 53-year-old Scharlene Wilson.

Paramedics arrived on scene and determined that due to the extent of Wilson’s medical requirements, Life Flight Services were necessary. According to officials at the U.S. Border Patrol, agents assisted in establishing a landing zone for the helicopter. Wilson was then transported to a local hospital for treatment.

So far, the Sheriff’s Office has determined that Wilson was riding in the passenger seat of a car with 3 other people at the time of the incident. The Sheriff’s Office has interviewed the two passengers in the back seat of the car, as well as the vehicle’s driver, Robert Pratt (39).

At the time, Wilson was too injured too be interviewed. The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office says the case is still under investigation.

KXLY will continue to provide updates as more details become available.