Woman gives birth to baby in toilet

Woman gives birth to baby in toilet

The majority of calls to Spokane Fire Dispatch involve people getting hurt or having problems with their heart. While childbirth and labor emergencies aren’t that unusual, one particular call took a crazy turn.

Fire Dispatch Call:

Spokane Fire Dispatch Communications Specialist : Where is the baby right now?
Fire Dispatch Caller: In the toilet!
Spokane Fire Dispatch Communications Specialist : Get the baby out of the toilet.

“We had a caller who had delivered their child, it turned out they ultimately delivered them in to a toilet,” explained Eric Olson, Communications Specialist for Spokane Fire Dispatch.

Eric Olson is one of the soothing voices on the other end of an emergency call to Spokane Fire Dispatch. He took the call from the frightened mother who gave birth over the phone. He credits his calm demeanor to trust.

Olson said, “trusting the training that I’ve received, trusting my coworkers in the room. It is a team effort. My voice is on the phone but there’s all sorts of things going on in the background with my coworkers dispatching units.”

Providing aid with just your voice can make some feel helpless in tough situations and that’s why this job isn’t for everyone.

“There are certain types of people that work well in here and I think those of us who succeed in this position, we have the ability to separate ourselves in the position enough that we can get them the best help that they need,” added Olson.

When that happens, there is no better feeling.

“We didn’t make the bad situation, but we can do a lot to make the bad situation better,” said Olson.

The Spokane Fire Department reported that the mother and baby made it to the hospital and were doing well.

Fire dispatch is always looking for communications specialists like Olson, so if you believe you have what it takes, keep an eye on the Spokane City website for job postings.