Woman finds human tooth in bag of cashews

Woman finds human tooth in bag of cashews

An Ohio woman was horrified to find a human tooth in a bag of Planters cashews.

News station WOIO reports Nickolette Botsford was eating the nuts while driving in the car with her mother when she pulled the rogue tooth out of her mouth. When her mother told her she thought it looked like a tooth, Botsford became ill.

“I got very upset, I was crying, I threw up two or three times,” Botsford said.

Upon a visit to the hospital, staff confirmed it was, in fact, a human tooth. Hospital workers also found the tooth had a dried spot of blood on it. Botsford was treated for exposure to blood or bodily fluids and released.

Botsford says she tried contacting Kraft, Planters’ parent company, several times before they responded and sent a courier to pick up the tooth for testing.

Kraft said they will reach out to her when they have more information about the tooth’s origin.