Woman attacked while walking in Kendall Yards, suspect arrested

SPOKANE, Wash. — A man accused of randomly attacking a woman on the Centennial Trail has been arrested.

Spokane Police arrested 25-year-old Michael Trout for first-degree assault. He was found by the SPD violent crimes task force on Thursday afternoon.

The attack happened around 6 a.m. Wednesday near Olmsted Brothers Green Park in the Kendall Yards. The victim was out for a walk at the time.

Police do not know Trout’s motive, but do not believe it was sexually motivated. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Some people using the Centennial Trail said they’ve started to feel unsafe while using the trail.

“I do carry pepper spray with me because I don’t feel totally safe,” said Melissa Persling, who usually uses the trail. “I just try to be really conscious of what’s going on around me. I’m super careful in the area where there are not many people around.”

After years of using the trail, she says the Centennial recently felt felt unsafe. She avoid using it early and late in the day.

“For four years, I will be coming here for jogs and walks,” said Joy Oakes, who also uses the trail. “It’s usually lovely location to run and I like being alongside the river. I have heard that the Centennial Trail can be unsafe, especially at night. I have other people warn me to be careful.”

Police did not provide specific information about how the victim was injured but said she has non-life-threatening injuries.

“It’s scary that that did happen there are definitely a lot of college students that come out here using a lot,” Oakes said. “I just hope that everyone stay safe and take the right precaution.”