Woman adopts ‘sweet’ dog with terminal cancer

Woman adopts ‘sweet’ dog with terminal cancer
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A dog with cancer got a special day from an animal shelter, and then a "furever" home.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR via CNN Wire) — After Bebe’s “Big Day Out,” complete with an ice cream party on Thursday, there is awesome news to share about the shelter dog at Virginia’s Richmond Animal League (RAL).

Bebe, who arrived at RAL earlier this year with multiple lumps and tumors on his body, was given less than two years to live after he was was diagnosed with melanocytic neoplasm, an aggressive form of melanoma. The dog was also recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a skin condition.

But despite the diagnoses, the dog described as a “sweet boy” has been spending his days at RAL waiting for his forever home.

That day came Sunday when reporter Brendan King said BeBe was adopted by an “awesome” Richmond woman.

“He’s very happy in his new home and I’m very happy to have him,” his new mom told WTVR CBS 6.

BeBe’s Mom, who spoke to WTVR CBS 6 on the condition of anonymity because she wants “it to be all about BeBe,” said she saw RAL’s Instagram post featuring the pup.

“I had been wanting to adopt a cat or a dog for a while now and I saw that he really needed a home,” she wrote. “He was kind of anxious being in the shelter around the other dogs.”

She said that she thought she and BeBe, who likes to sleep and is calm and quiet, “would be perfect for each other.”

“We’re very much alike and I love him very much,” she wrote.

BeBe’s Mom said he is going great in his new home and loves his crate.

“I leave the crate door open so he can walk in and out whenever he wants but he loves being in there, I guess he feels safe in there or he really loves his bed,” she wrote. “He likes going outside, but he likes it even more when we go back in the house so he can lay in his bed and sleep.”

‘Bebe’s Big Day Out’

Shelter staffers wanted to do something special for the beloved dog, so they took him on “Bebe’s Big Day Out” Thursday.

The big day included riding in the car with the windows down and picking out whatever he wanted at Petco. He walked away with two bags of soft treats, two chews, and a stuffed bear holding a honey pot with three tiny bees inside.

Officials said he loves stuffed toys, especially tiny ones more suited for cats.

Bebe also indulged in his very own ice cream party complete with four flavors of dog-safe ice cream, cool whip, sprinkles, waffle cones and cherries.

Officials said Bebe devoured everything except the cherry.