Wolf People Gets People Close To The Pack

COCOLALLA, Idaho — About 15 minutes south of Sandpoint is Cocolalla.  Many of you have probably driven past it when you’ve been on Highway 95.  You just might not realize how close to some wildlife you’ve been.

Next to the highway is Wolf People, where wolves are a way of life.  There are around 20 wolves in their pack, and almost everyone leaves with a favorite.

“My favorite wolf?” says first-time visitor Adalia Raybourn.  “Well, I like all of them.  But I think my favorite one might have been Crystal.”

“I probably lean towards Mohawk,” says Rick Olson, who has visited Wolf People a number of times.

“Mia is my favorite,” says Bryan Gilland, another first-time visitor.

For less than $10 a person, you’ll spend at least an hour getting to meet all of them.

“Now, these were the two that had the cubs this year, which was at the end of May,” says Mike Marzio, pointing out two of his wolves.

Marzio is the professional wolf handler at the compound, and along with the rest of the staff, spend their days educating groups or visitors on this endangered species.

“We normally don’t put them back with their mom,” he says, “because mom might not allow them to go back out to the store or to another presentation.”

Everyone comes away learning something.

“They are all pack animals,” Gilland says.  “If you treat them properly, they all have character, and they turn out like these guys.”

Whether you’re a first time visitor, or someone who comes back every time friends are in town, seeing the wolves is always a great experience.

“It’s a fantastic place and its a great education for everybody,” says visitor Peggy Olson.

“Coming here on this trip helped me learn the importance of wolves,” Raybourn says, “and even though they are just wolves, they play an important part in the world.”

You can visit the wolves at Wolf People everyday, except Saturday, starting at 10 a.m.