Witnesses Describe What Led To Family’s Murder

SPOKANE — The first witnesses were called to the stand in Bryan Kim’s murder trial Monday in a Spokane County courtroom.

It was revealed in court testimony that barely 24 hours had passed between the time when Bryan Kim’s parents told him he’d have to move out of their home and when they were attacked.

Terri Kim, Bryan’s mother, was a math teacher Rogers High School and on the stand Monday her colleagues testified that on December 4th, 2006 Mrs. Kim told them that she had given Bryan the “Shape up or move out ultimatum.”

Sheriff’s detectives say just one day later Richard and Terri Kim’s 19-year-old son responded by killing both of them in separate ambushes.

Other witnesses who did not want to be identified told the jury about how they had checked on the Kims’ welfare when they did not show up for work. Deputies were called to the scene and were very concerned about what they saw at the family’s Mt. Spokane home.

“You’ve got a bloody cell phone in the driveway. You’ve got what appears to be blood in the foyer area where it looks like somebody had  tried to clean that up at some point in time so I’m thinking the occupants of that house might be in some type of danger,” Deputy Mark Smoldt with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputy Smoldt then looked in the Kim’s shop building and found the couple stacked in the bucket of a front end loader.

Bryan Kim, who has spoken briefly in court and appears to be very smart and articulate, continues to show no emotion when the details of his parent’s death are discussed.

Kim’s sister is expected to take the stand on Tuesday.