Witnesses describe drive-by shooting at problem motel

Witnesses describe drive-by shooting at problem motel
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On March 16 at around 10:20 p.m., Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Blue Mountain Motel after receiving reports of a drive-by shooting.

When Deputies arrived, they contacted a group that was standing outside Trailer 25 at the location.

The witnesses at the scene reported that they heard the shots and when they came outside they saw a gray colored four door sedan.

One of the witnesses said he saw the subject point the gun in his direction and fire again and then the vehicle sped off.

Witnesses reported hearing four to six shots and Deputies were able to recover several shell casings from the scene.

They also found a 1991 Honda Accord parked at the scene that had several holes in it. They were able to recover one of the bullets from the vehicle and a concrete block building nearby which also had been hit by bullets.

According to the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, “the Blue Mountain Motel and Trailer Court use up a lot of resources.”

Deputies are constantly responding to some disturbance or other problem at the motel. Over the last several years they have responded to over 200 complaints at the Blue Mountain Motel and Trailer Court.

No one was injured in this incident and the case is still under investigation.