Winthrop has the worst air quality in the U.S.


WINTHROP, Wash. — Winthrop at one point Thursday had the worst air quality in the country, owing to the massive wildfires tearing through the Methow Valley.

The air quality index indicated Thursday morning that the air quality in Winthrop hit 352, well into the ‘hazardous’ category, and was trending toward even worse air quality. 

A collective 63 square miles of land was burned near Winthrop from wildfires. The Cub Creek Fire burned 50 miles (32,473 acres) of land, and the Cedar Creek Fire burned another 13 miles (8,443 acres) of land.

Level 3 and 2 evacuations were placed along East and West Chewuch Roads last week. Level 3 evacuations require residents to evacuate the area immediately and Level 2 evacuations require people to be prepared in case of evacuation.

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