Winter Weather Really Getting Old

SPOKANE – Lets not beat around the bush here. The winter weather is starting to get really annoying for many Inland Northwest residents who are just fed up with all of the snow.

Thursday afternoon it was looking a little but more like spring since most of the overnight snowfall melted, but earlier in the morning things looked very different.

All over the Inland Northwest people looked out their windows Thursday morning and saw snow, snow and yet more snow. It looked more like December than April. It looked as if the Heat Miser had extended his spring break by another week.

Yes, the official snowiest winter in Spokane history is making some people cranky, especially after the deadline for taking off studded tires has come and gone creating a mess for the Washington State Patrol, which responded to more than 30 collisions early Thursday morning.

While a few people might have found the lighter side of the latest dusting of the white stuff, for the people driving, shoveling or walking the snow was difficult to enjoy.

When asked if people felt any better, knowing they were a part of the snowiest winter in Spokane history, they said not so much.