Winehouse, Hancock Don’t Provide Enough Drama To Thrill TV Viewers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Amy Winehouse, Herbie Hancock and Kanye West didn’t provide quite enough drama to enthrall television viewers. Preliminary estimates indicate the Grammy Awards telecast was watched by 17.5 million people.

Nielsen Media Research said Monday that would make it the third least-watched Grammy Awards ever if later estimates confirm those numbers.

Viewership is down from the 20 million people who watched last year. The 2006 awards, with 17 million viewers, is the Grammy low point. The show also had 17.3 million viewers in 1995.

On a night filled with nods to the show’s 50-year history, the most trophies went to Winehouse, a 24-year-old singer known for her old-soul voice.

The most sought-after prize, for album of the year, went to veteran jazzman Hancock for his Joni Mitchell tribute disc.