Wilson joins good company with other long-time QBs leaving former teams

David Zalubowski

SEATTLE, Wash. — Russell Wilson is leaving Seattle after playing 10 seasons with the team.

This is a move we’ve seen other QBs before him do.

Wilson is currently 33, meaning he has plenty of good years left to make another Super Bowl run. Whether it’s with the Broncos or another team, if history repeats itself, Wilson is on track to have another great few seasons.

Tom Brady, for example, left New England for Tampa Bay in 2020 and won the Super Bowl literally the year he got there. To be fair, Brady had some weapons, but he still racked up quite the resume for his first season with the Bucs.

Most recently, Matthew Stafford finally got his Super Bowl trophy after getting traded from the Detroit Lions the previous season. Stafford was the missing piece the Rams needed to push them over the top, possibly like Wilson could be to the Broncos.

We can’t forget Hall of Famer Peyton Manning also made a similar move. Manning left the Colts after playing 13 seasons with the team. He went to the Broncos, where he got demolished in his first Super Bowl with the team against the Seahawks, but won the next year against the Carolina Panthers, and also took home the MVP.

So, it’s clear that Wilson isn’t the first great QB to switch teams, and he is certainly joining some good company.

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