Wildlife officers euthanize grizzly in Boundary County

BOUNDARY CO., Idaho – Idaho Fish and Game officers euthanized a male grizzly bear following a series of livestock attacks in Boundary County. 

This is the second grizzly bear that has had to be euthanized in the area in recent months. 

IDFG received a report on September 8 of a missing sheep near Naples. Officers found grizzly tracks near the pen and set a trap that evening.

The bear returned to the area but did not enter the trap and instead killed another sheep. 

Additional traps were set the next day while the remaining livestock were corralled into a temporary electric fence. 

IDFG said the bear returned again overnight on September 11 and was successfully trapped. 

IDFG officers decided to euthanize the bear because of its repeated behaviors of killing livestock within close proximity of a home. 

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