Widow sues Moody Aviation for plane crash that killed husband

Widow sues Moody Aviation for plane crash that killed husband

Just one year after her husband died in a plane crash, a local widow is suing the aviation school that she says is responsible.

Hermann Law Group filed suit in Spokane Superior Court on Friday, on behalf of Yuki Lee and her infant daughter.

Documents reveal Joochan Lee was taking his first flight lesson at Moody Aviation College when the plane plummeted to the earth, killing him and the two other occupants inside.

The complaint alleges it was Moody Aviation’s negligence that caused the plane to crash near Deer Park on July 13, 2018.

The plane, which was built in 2000, was used for pilot training by the school.

According to Hermann Law Group, Diego Senn was the pilot in command on the day of the crash. A Moody Certified Flight Instructor, Senn had received his CFI license six months prior.

Records show a fellow student, Andrew Trouten, was also on board observing at the time. All three men died.

“Unfortunately, this tragic air crash is another example of how cutting costs often results in loss of aviation safety,” said Lee’s attorney, Charles Herrmann of Herrmann Law Group. “Ms. Lee was pregnant at the time of the crash, carrying their first child whom Joochan never saw.”

According to a report by the NTSB, the plane was on its way to the Clayton Practice area west of Deer Park when it disappeared from the radar around 10:21 a.m.

Witnesses said they watched from the ground as the plane fell into a steep dive, during which the wings blew off.

“All three people on board, trapped in a wingless fuselage and unable to maneuver, plummeted to their deaths upon impact with the terrain below,” the complaint stated.

The amount of compensation was not specified.