Who shot two calves? Local farmer searches for answers

A family in Rosalia is trying to make sense of why someone would drive up to their field and shoot two 6-month-old calves.

Farmer Paul Frost made the discovery Saturday morning.

It’s a random act of violence that he says has been especially hard on his six kids.

“Try to explain to my six kids why somebody killed what they call our baby cows,” said Frost.

NEW AT 11: It’s difficult for Paul Frost to explain to his six kids why someone would shoot and kill their two calves. The disabled farmer is raising a herd of black angus as a side income. He’s determined to find out who did this, and why. #4NewsNightside pic.twitter.com/pFlAv1kRUG

— Kyle Simchuk (@KyleKXLY) November 20, 2019

Frost is a single dad of six, and is also disabled.

“Disability doesn’t pay much,” Frost said.

Which is why he started raising black Angus herd two years ago as a side income. Having to dispose of the calves was something that not only caused his family pain, but cost him money and time.

“It’s a lot of money, a lot of hard work,” Frost said. “Two heifer calves, so that was going to be future calves down the road.”

He says he thinks whoever shot the animals picked the babies because they planned to haul them away, but tire tracks backed up to his fence led him to believe his wolf-shepherd hybrid scared the shooter off.

Frost took to Facebook after the incident and his post was quickly shared more than a thousand times. He says he received support from farmers all over- some as far away as Wyoming.

Despite not knowing who killed them- or why they did- Frost says he’s lived in the area for 20 years and knows there are plenty of good people still.

“Everyone out here is wonderful, helpful, always watching,” said Frost. “Hope whoever did it either comes forward or one of thier buddies turns them in.”

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting.

Meanwhile, Frost says he’s offering a cash reward for information that leads to the shooter.