Whitworth will not be named ‘Spokane’s Men’s Basketball Team’

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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Whitworth men’s basketball team will not be named “Spokane’s Men’s Basketball Team.”

Whitworth University issued a press release and social media posts stating the Spokane County Commissioners would issue a proclamation declaring the basketball team as such during their meeting Tuesday.

However, Jared Webley, Public Policy and Communications Manager, said there was a mix-up with the commissioners’ agenda. He said a draft proclamation was uploaded and sent to the athletic department instead of the actual proclamation the commissioners voted on Tuesday. The draft proclamation used the phrase “Spokane’s Men’s Basketball Team,” but Webley said that was language the commissioners would never use.

The commissioners did, however, vote to recognize the Whitworth men’s basketball team for their accomplishments.

Webley said they would never point out one team specifically considering there are several other prestigious basketball teams across the county. Gonzaga University and Eastern Washington University both have succesful men’s basketball teams.

4 News Now has reached out to Whitworth regarding the sending of their press release Tuesday morning.