Idaho Fish and Game waits for test results of 150 white-tailed deer found dead

Photo by Marko Hankkila on Unsplash

KAMIAH, Idaho– Idaho Fish and Game says it is still waiting to see what killed about 150 white-tailed deer in the Kamiah area.

Wildlife experts say the deer died from disease, but don’t know what yet. On Friday, they said tests for both Bluetongue and Epizootic hemorrhagic disease came back negative. Tests were also negative for Adenovirus Hemorrhagic Disease, which is a similar hemorrhagic disease and has been known to happen in Washington, biologists said.

Other tests are being done on the deer and those results are pending, Idaho Fish and Game said.

“We are working hard to find out what disease we are dealing with,” said Jana Livingston, regional wildlife biologist.

Idaho Fish and Game says people should remove food and water that could bring in groups of deer to help limit deer-to-deer transmission. People are also encouraged to report any deer that look lethargic or are having respiratory problems. They should also report the disposal of dead deer carcasses, according to wildlife experts.

Reports can be made online here or by calling (208) 799-5010.

Deer can be taken to Simmons Sanitation for disposal at the expense of the department.

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