Which trees are best, worst when selling your house

Which trees are best, worst when selling your house

Believe it or not, the types of trees in your yard can impact your ability to sell your home. According to Realtor.org and NAR’s 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences, a home’s curb appeal was important. Of those surveyed, 17 percent said it was important to have a wooded lot with a lot of trees. Twenty-nine percent said they were willing to pay more money to have trees added to lots that seemed too bare.

So what trees are buyers looking for? Find out what trees are most desirable to home buyers, and which can hinder them from buying your home, according to HouseLogic and Realtor.org.

Home owners are looking for low-maintenance trees that make their lot look fuller. HouseLogic ranks these trees amongst your best options:

Crape Myrtle

Sugar Maple

Smoke Tree

Saucer Magnolia

Japanese Flowering Cherry

Northern Red Oak

Eastern Red Cedar


On the contrary, high-maintenance trees can deter home buyers, according to Realtor.org. HouseLogic lists these trees as ones to avoid:

Silver Maple


Quaking Aspen

Lombardy Poplar



Bradford Pear

Mountain Cedar


Black Walnut

Leyland Cypress