‘We’re sharing the abundance’: Grant helps connect extra food supply to local families in need

SPOKANE, Wash. — Everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but some have been hit harder than others — particularly those who do not know where their next meal is coming from.

The Spokane Food Fighters have donated more than 28,000 meals across Spokane and while it has made a huge difference, there are still thousands of people in need.

After talking to local growers, the food fighters team realized, while there is a need, the ability to supply food is there.

Thanks to a $1.4 million grant from the USDA, the Spokane Food Fighters are now able to make sure no food goes to waste and that no family goes hungry.

Spokane Food Fighters 2

They have partnered with Share.Farm and the Inland Northwest Farmers Market Association to give away an additional 350 boxes of food per week through their “Farmers to Families” program. The grant will allow those deliveries to continue once a week until December.

“We’re sharing the abundance. We’re changing the paradigm. This isn’t a world of lack, it’s a world of wasted resources,” said Seth Walser, General Manager of Backyard Market.

“To be able to affect, we’re looking at 500 families, with just our company, that’s pretty fantastic,” said Share.Farm co-owner Adam Hegsted.

Each box will be full of fresh vegetables, fruit, diary products and cooked meats.

Growers who are interested in participating will need to sign up through Share.Farm directly. Others looking to get involved can learn more here. 

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