Weeks into Phase 2, Inslee says plans for next phase remain undetermined

OLYMPIA, Wash. — It’s been weeks since all of Washington stepped into Phase 2 of reopening, but Governor Inslee says there are still no clear plans for what the next phase will look like. 

“We gotta be both confident and cautious at the same time, and if we do that, we can look forward to good, better days ahead,” said Inslee. 

That said, Inslee said the state still does not have a solid plan for what those next steps could be.  

Before those can be determined, he and health officials want to listen to community members and local politicians to see what has worked and what hasn’t, though some have argued businesses need an actual plan in order to start preparing. 

“We need to look at what people have done, and what has worked, and that’s going to take a period of time,” said Inslee. 

That includes analyzing how newly found COVID variants in the state respond to the vaccine.  

“We’ll do that as soon as we possibly can, and I’ll tell you I’m glad we’re moving forward, that’s the direction we want,” said Inslee.

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