Wednesday’s Child: Anjal, Mario and Deyvon

Wednesday’s Child: Anjal, Mario and Deyvon

In this week’s Wednesday’s Child, meet three siblings who are as close as they come, and need to stay that way with an adoptive home.

Three is company with seven year old Anjal, five year old Mario, and four year old Deyvon. Their social worker, Laura Moore, says each of them has their own personality, and their own special needs.

Anjal is non-verbal, but communicates with gesturing and signs. She likes to play, ride bikes, and loves the water.

“If you get her anywhere near water, you will just see her whole face light up,” said Moore. “She loves to play, she loves to laugh.”

Like Anjal, little Deyvon is also working on communicating, but he is sweet and fearless.

“He loves the snuggles, he likes to be on your hip, and he likes to play with the hair on the bottom of your neck,” said Moore.

The most vocal is Mario. He loves all things having to do with trains, is curious and engaging, and helps out with his brother and sister.

“It’s not unusual for him to take his brother’s hand or his sister’s hand or to bring them a snack or to interpret for them,” said Moore.

It is imperative that this bond not be broken, these three need to be adopted together into a loving home that’s up to the challenge.

“They need parents who are gonna be in tune with their abilities and be in tune with how they are progressing and how they’re learning,” said Moore. “And also parents who are able to advocate and seek those supports for them and push them when appropriate.”

For information on how you can adopt Anjal, Mario and Deyvon, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-(800)-927-9411.