Weather facts: These were the hottest, coldest and snowiest days of the decade in Spokane

Snowy Spokane
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Snow falls near Riverfront Park.

SPOKANE, Wash — The twenty teens have come to an end. As we enter a new decade, the National Weather Service took a look back at some of the most notable weather extremes from the previous one.

The warmest day of the decade was June 28th, 2015 when Spokane reached 105 degrees. That weekend also happened to be Hoopfest, when thousands of people participating in the world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament had to play in triple digit heat.

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Negative ten degrees was the coldest temperature logged in Spokane over the last ten years. The Lilac City actually reached -10 degrees on three occasions, each in the winter of 2010-2011. Those chilly days were November 23, 2010 and February 25/26, 2011. That same season also claimed the snowiest 24 hour period of the decade. On November 22, 2010 alone it snowed 7.5 inches in Spokane.

The most snow over a 72-hour period came in the unusually snowy February of 2019, when it snowed more than a foot (13.2 inches, to be exact) in three days. By the end of that month, there was more than a foot and half of snow left on the ground. That led to Spokane’s deepest snow depth of the decade, with 18.9 inches on March 2nd.

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