‘We thank you all’: Mother and son find new home with the help of Spokane community

SPOKANE, Wa. — We have an amazing update to a story we shared with you last Thursday.

We introduced you to a mother and son who were facing homelessness but the community came together to make sure their heir holiday wish was fulfilled.

Heather Laird spent the last six months trying to find a new home but couldn’t afford another place in the area because she’s living on a fixed income.

She tried turning to local shelters, but they were turned away. Most local shelters in our community cater to women, men, or families with children under 18. Her son Sean is 29 and has severe autism, cerebral palsy, and diabetes.

With a week before having nowhere to go, they turned to us, and the community responded.

“It’s in the Valley and it’s wonderful. It’s in a great area, I can walk to a lot of different grocery stores before it gets too hot in the summer, and it’s perfect,” Heather explained.

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One week ago, she was facing the possibility of being homeless with her son. This miracle, made possible by Family Promise, the Spokane community, and an old family friend.

“Back in ’97 or ’98, we connected with Sean and Heather, because Sean had a need for a caretaker and we had a 17-year-old son who had a need for a job,” said Jack Lewis.

At the time, Sean was like a part of their family. Heather reached out to Lewis’s family last week, as a last-ditch effort for help. It’s been more than seven years since they last saw each other.

“I contacted my son who was his caretaker, he got on the ball right away, starting to look at some of the legal things, getting the bank accounts issues and GoFundMe issues settled, etc. so it was fun,” Lewis explained.

That GoFundMe, which made it up to $6,200, was created by a viewer. Lewis said the GoFundMe was scrupulous in making sure the money went to the right person, and every dollar of those funds, going straight to getting Heather and her son into their new home.

“I owe you a big thanks. My son, we both seriously appreciate it, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all,” said Heather, sharing a heartfelt message for the community.

Going forward, Lewis and his family intend to be involved with Heather and her son, to help complete their new home, and give support for the areas they need beyond that.

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