‘We don’t want to be living here’: Property crime up nearly 30% across Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash – Across Spokane, property crime is almost 30 percent higher than it was this time last year.

Alana Campbell, who lives in Shadle Park has been a victim of property crime multiple times.

“We’ve had our car broken into, and then we’ve had, people in our backyard,” she said. “Someone actually plugged in their phone and was charging their phone in our backyard. We’ve had our personal items, strewn in our front yard, and people are constantly trying to get into our garage.”

Campbell used to walk around her neighborhood every day with her 4-year-old daughter. She explained though, she’s stopped and is ready to move, especially with two notable crimes within the past week.

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“We’re renters, and so the only problem is that rent is ridiculously high everywhere, so we’re kind of stuck where we’re at right now, but yeah, we don’t want to be living here,” Campbell said.

Steven Worline, who also lives in Shadle Park, has stopped leaving his home.

“We’ve just been staying at home because we’ve been hearing about drive-bys the other crimes, the rape that was just on Facebook the other day,” he said.

Within the past year, Spokane COPS explained they’ve increased the patrol in their area.

“Spokane is a data-driven city and so wherever the data shows the crime is happening the most, that’s what’s going to get you the most patrols, and the most officer attention,” said Patrick Striker, executive director for Spokane COPS. “That’s why we want people to report everything.”

There are steps though, he explained people can take to increase their security.

“Things like getting security cameras, getting to know your neighbors, even things like, I do recommend, personal protection like pepper spray, I think that’s a really good thing, it’s non-lethal violent crimes, that is a good thing to carry with you,” Striker said.

To report a crime to Spokane Police Department, you can call Crime Check at 509.456. 2233.

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