‘We always find our way back home’: Cougs fans reunite, celebrate return of college football

PULLMAN, Wash. — Nearly two years later, Washington State University fans can watch football at Gesa Field at Martin Stadium once again. College football is back, and for fans, it means reunions and meeting new people through a common love: The Cougs.

Mike Tobin and his friends were set up in the parking lot right across the stadium on Saturday, sitting in their chairs and chatting over some beers.

His friends Corey Bonsen and Steve Adams were just a few of a total of six families who kept coming together because of WSU football. This year marks 10 years they’ve spent every home game with each other

“Just started parking here with people and one met the next then the next and the next thing you know, we’re huddled up here and have been meeting five, six weekends a year right here with our family, our Coug family,” Tobin said.

They couldn’t be with their Coug family like normal last year. COVID forced WSU to have limited games and fans couldn’t even be there.

That meant Adams, Bonsen and Tobin couldn’t set up like they do every year and enjoy Cougar football and some beer.

“It was difficult. We huddled up the best we could in garages and shops to watch the few games they did have. There was a lot missing from the entire fall,” Tobin said.

Many of them live across the state and always had a common goal to get together when the Cougs played in Pullman. It was a blow when COVID changed things last year, but they’re happy to be back and see everyone together again.

“It’s good to be back home. We always find our way back home,” Adams added.

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