‘Washington state is a pro-choice state’: Inslee, local leaders vow to support abortion rights

SEATTLE, Wash. — State and federal leaders ensured Washingtonians will not lose their access to safe abortion services during a pro-choice rally in Seattle Tuesday afternoon.

“Washington state was a pro-choice state. Washington state is a pro-choice state and we’re going to fight like hell to keep Washington a pro-choice state,” Governor Jay Inslee said.

The rally was held following news of a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that seeks to overturn Roe v. Wade. Though as of now abortion is legal, about half of states are expected to ban or restrict it should the court overturn the landmark case.

Washington is not in that group of states.

Washington is one of a handful of states that has taken measures to protect abortion access despite any ruling on Roe v. Wade. Attorney General Bob Ferguson made clear that no matter what happens at the Supreme Court level, it will not change anything locally.

During the rally, Inslee doubled down that Washington will continue to take steps to protect abortion rights.

He outlined three points during his speech. He said Washington will explore and act appropriately to provide sanctuary to those who exercise the right to choose. He said the state will also explore the appropriateness of constitutional protection of abortion care under the Washington constitution and added that anyone who comes to Washington seeking care will be served.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) attested to efforts at the federal level. She was joined by Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland (WA-10) and noted they both voted to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, then mentioned Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s promise to write legislation in an effort to codify Roe v. Wade.

“In the meantime, we need to take this to the voting booth,” Jayapal said. “We need to make sure we are doing everything we can at the ballot box and in the streets.”

Watch the full rally below:

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