Washington State election results

Washington State election results

Here’s a recap of local and statewide election results:

-In Spokane, three council positions were on the ballot. Kate Burke beat Tim Benn, who were both vying for the open seat in District 1. District 2 incumbent Breean Beggs beat his challenger, Andy Dunau. And in District 3, incumbent Candance Mumm won out over challenger Matthew Howes.

-In Spokane Valley, the city council is looking at an almost complete overhaul. A majority of the council incumbents were ousted by their competitors.

-Spokane voters took the side of the coal and oil industries who asked voters to reject Proposition 2, the local initiative that would have fined owners that send train cars of uncovered coal or untreated oil through the city.

-Jenny Durkan is set to become the first female mayor in Seattle since the 1920’s. She won 61 percent of the votes tallied Tuesday night, claiming a decisive lead over opponent Cary Moon after a roller-coaster election season that saw Ed Murray resign as mayor and 21 candidates clash in a super-competitive primary. And in the first time since 2012, it looks like Democrats will retake control of the Washington state Senate.

-In the Seattle race that set spending records for a legislative race, Deputy County Prosecutor Manka Dhingra is set to beat Jinyoung Lee Englund, a former aide to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Dhingra has collected 55.4 percent of the vote to Englund’s 44.6 percent.