Washington Realtor’s PAC contributes over $161K in favor of Woodward campaign

Washington Realtor’s PAC contributes over $161K in favor of Woodward campaign
Nadine Woodward
Former TV news anchor Nadine Woodward is running for mayor of Spokane. 

Mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward on Monday earned another third-party expenditure to support her campaign efforts.

The latest comes from the Washington Realtor’s PAC, which contributed another $12,202 in favor of Woodward’s campaign.

That adds up to over $161,000 in total contributions from the Realtor’s PAC alone, and about $222,000 in total third-party expenditures for Woodward.

Neither candidate has control over these third-party donations or how they are used.

4 News Now spoke to members of the Washington Realtor’s PAC in early October and discovered why they chose to endorse Woodward.

“It’s more of building a coalition to look at the problem versus saying I have the answer here’s the answer,” R-Pac Trustee Chairman Tom Hormel said. “It’s saying hey we need to come together and figure this out because it’s not a problem that can be solved by one single person.”

The committee says it interviewed all the mayoral candidates back in May prior to the Primary Election.

Ben Stuckart said he did talk to the PAC, but his approach differs.

Stuckart has criticized Woodward, saying she wants to subsidize developments outside the city.

Hormel on the other hand said Stuckart and the city council have not made enough change to fix the housing crisis.

“It’s a change of voice, we’ve had a 6-1 council for quite a long time now, and I think that good policy is made somewhere in the middle where you have a council that is more moderate towards both sides,” Hormel said.

In total, Woodward has raised about $237,000 for her campaign.

Her opponent, Ben Stuckart, has about $262,000 raised to this point, $941 of which comes from third-party contributions from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

4 News Now also asked the Realtor’s PAC if there’s a certain expectation for Woodward to make certain developments happen if she’s elected, but Hormel said that is not the case.

“Absolutely not,” Hormel said. “We are spending that money to educate buyers as to what we believe our candidate can do for this community.”

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Washington Realtor’s PAC contributes over $161K in favor of Woodward campaign