Washington Realtor’s Association PAC contributes additional $43,500 in support of Woodward

Mayor Nadine Woodward
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The Washington Realtor’s Association Political Action Committee has made its mark on Spokane’s mayoral race.

Candidate Nadine Woodward had nearly $150,000 in independent expenditures going into August’s primary election.

Now, the Realtor’s Association PAC has added another $43,500 in support of Woodward’s campaign, according to the Public Disclosure Commission’s website.

It’s important to note, neither candidate has control of the independent expenditures that are made for or against them. That money can be spent in any way by the contributor.

In this case, it appears that $40,000 of that recent contribution was spent on television ads, while $3,500 went towards television ad production.

In total, the Washington Realtor’s Association PAC has contributed $137,132 in favor of Woodward’s campaign.

“As we’ve said all along, we’ll continue to support our candidates throughout the course of the election,” said spokesperson Tom Hormel.

The PAC has also contributed $60,000 in support of Cindy Wendle, who is running for Spokane City Council President.

All that said, money in the mayoral race is still tight. Candidate Ben Stuckart has earned $209,328 for his campaign with just $1,145 coming in from independent expenditures.

Stuckart’s largest independent expenditure came from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility contributing $850 to his campaign.

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