Washington could soon have an official state clam

People walk along the beach digging for clams
People walk along the beach digging for clams

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington may soon have an official state clam.

A new proposal filed in the Washington State Legislature suggests designating the Pacific razor clam as the official clam of the state of Washington.

The bill, proposed by Senator Dean Takko of Longview, notes several reasons why the razor clam is superior to, say, manilas or geoducks.

Takko noted the clam’s abundance in Washington coastal beaches, along with its appearance.

“The oblong shell of the Pacific razor clam is golden-hued, symmetrical, and especially handsome,” Takko said in his proposal.

Takko also acknowledged the clam’s tie to recreation in the Evergreen state for many years. He noted that clam-digging began with Washington state’s native American tribes and continued to be a family activity to this day.

The proposed bill will be discussed during the next legislative session which begins on January 12.