Washington Blood Coalition calls on donors amid critical blood shortage


SPOKANE, Wash. – Have you donated blood recently? 

Your help is needed. 

A national blood shortage has prompted the Washington Blood Coalition to alert communities for the critical need for blood donations. 

Vitalant, which serves about 900 hospitals across 28 states, including 35 in the Northwest, is experiencing a historic, two-year low blood supply. 

The shortage is not unique to Vitalant, but the organization fell short of the need by more than 4,500 donations in December and the trend has continued into January. 

According to Vitalant, the effects of the omicron variant and severe winter weather have further impacted blood drives, resulting in uncollected donations. 

Blood is a lifesaving and life-enhancing medical treatment and must constantly be replenished because it is perishable and has no artificial substitute. 

“Now is the time when new blood donors, those that have not given in a while and regular donors are all needed to step up and help address this critical healthcare issue,” said Vitalant Northwest Regional Director Jennifer Havwkins. “Only 3% of the eligible blood donor population actually donates. Shortages could be prevented if more people start donating.” 

Donors can make an appointment by visiting vitalant.org or by calling 877-25-VITAL. 

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