‘Vote against him when the ballot arrives again:’ 4th LD dems respond to Shea allegations

‘Vote against him when the ballot arrives again:’ 4th LD dems respond to Shea allegations

Fourth Legislative District Democrats released a statement regarding the accusations against Spokane Valley Representative Matt Shea on Tuesday.

Shea is accused of secretly organizing surveillance and discussing violence against liberal activists and groups.

Leaked chats obtained by The Guardian revealed Shea was involved in private talks with some rightwing figures about carrying out surveillance and violent attacks.

Fourth LD Democrats released the following the statement, calling on voters to vote Shea out of office next election.

Unfortunately, Matt Shea’s dangerously extremist views are not new, and yet he was voted into office again last year.

This Republican Representative does not represent the majority of the 4th Legislative District’s values.

We condemn his fascist speech, advocacy of violence, extreme anti- government, racist, sexist and xenophobic views.

Mr Shea is no stranger to initiating harassment and intimidation.

The latest information to come out showed proof that he was willing to use his political office to pull background checks on local activists, while working with other extremists to use intimidation, harassment and violence.

We ask Spokane Valley and the rest of the 4th Legislative District to continue to speak out against hate, violence and oppression.

We ask Shea’s constituents to submit letters to the editor voicing their disapproval of his words and actions.

We join the Washington State Democratic Party in asking for the WA GOP and House Republicans to expel Matt Shea.

We also call on the 4th Legislative District to hold Shea accountable, and to vote against him when the ballot arrives again.

We all have the power to create the community that we want, and that should include safety for everyone, regardless of their political views.

The statement comes after several other Washington State lawmakers, including Governor Jay Inslee and Lietuenant Governor Cyrus Habib, condemned Shea’s alleged actions.

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Shea responded to the allegations on Facebook and called the the article a “hit piece.” He also claimed the story’s author, Jason Wilson, is out to get him.

Shea did not deny the claims in the article, but instead explained that he and his family have been routinely threatened.

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Shea said he will not give into the criticism and looks forward to continuing his work in the Washington State Legislature.

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