Vitalant calls on long-time and new blood donors to help with critical blood shortage

SPOKANE, Wash. — Whether you’re a long-time blood donor or have been thinking about becoming one, now’s the best time to book an appointment.

The nationwide blood shortage is affecting hospital blood supplies everywhere, even here in the Northwest.

That’s why Vitalant needs your help.

Vitalant, which serves about 900 hospitals across 28 states, including 35 in the Northwest, is experiencing a historic, two-year low blood supply.

The shortage is not unique to Vitalant, but the organization fell short of the need by more than 4,500 donations in December and the trend has continued into January.

According to Vitalant, the effects of the omicron variant and severe winter weather have further impacted blood drives, resulting in uncollected donations.

There have also been staffing shortages and an overall loss of blood donors over the years.

Some long-time donors who are older in age can no longer donate and Vitalant is encouraging young people to take up the mantle of becoming regular donors!

All you need to do is go to or call (877) 258-4825.

See this page on the Vitalant website to find out if you’re eligible.

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