Video captures man spanking zoo’s hippo

Video captures man spanking zoo’s hippo
KCAL_KCBS, TheShadeRoom via CNN

Video posted to Instagram captured a man climbing into the Los Angeles Zoo’s hippo enclosure and spanking one of the animals.

The video shows the man cautiously approaching two hippos until he is finally close enough to slap one of them on the rear, according to a report from KCAL-TV. He then takes a moment to celebrate before running off.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to KCAL that they received a report of trespassing at the zoo and are investigating the incident.

The zoo says the hippos involved in the incident are named Rosie and Mara. The hippo that was hit by the man doesn’t show much of a reaction, but the other hippo in the enclosure seems a bit startled, looking up as the man is still in the area.

“It is never acceptable for a guest to enter the habitat of any animal at the zoo,” the Los Angeles Zoo said in a statement. “It is a privilege to observe these rare and endangered species, but they are still wild animals and their space must be respected at all times.”