Victim In South Spokane Murder Identified

SPOKANE — Police have identified the victim in Spokane’s first murder case of 2008.

Jennifer Bergeron, 21, was found slain in a residence belonging to 22-year-old Cole Strandberg, who is now facing a 1st Degree Murder charge for her death.

Neighbors thought Bergeron was Strandberg’s girlfriend, but according to court documents Cole Strandberg told authorities he met Bergeron at the STA Bus Plaza. He also told them he thought her name was Jennifer.

Bergeron was found Monday morning on the bedroom floor of Strandberg’s apartment.

An autopsy shows she died of strangulation, acute trauma, and blood loss. Detectives say Bergeron had been shot in the head with a crossbow bolt.

There were also signs of sexual assault.

Inside the residence there was blood everywhere and it looked like Strandberg tried to clean it up. Police have been saying since Monday it was one of the most brutal crime scenes they’ve seen, and reportedly Strandberg himself told police it’s gruesome.

Detectives also found numerous writings throughout the apartment with one titled ‘Plan’ and the information in that message was consistent with what detectives found at the crime scene.

Strandberg is being held on a $1 Million bond at the Spokane County Jail.