Victim fought off rape suspect by biting his finger, court records say

SPOKANE, Wash. – A rape victim got her attacker to stop and run away by biting his finger, court records say. 

Ethan Z. Jake, 18, is charged with raping a woman in downtown Spokane late last month. Police believe the attack was random. 

Court records show Jake walked up to the victim near the Healing Room Ministries on 1st Ave around 1 a.m. on September 26. The victim told police Jake asked her to buy him cigarettes because he “was only 17 years old.” 

The victim refused but said Jake continued to follow her as she tried to go back to her apartment. 

Court documents state Jake pulled on the victim’s clothes, disorienting her, and then struck her face with an open palm. 

She told police that she lost her glasses and a necklace during the assault, but was able to bite the suspect’s fingers so hard she could feel the tissue of his finger tear. After that happened, the suspect stopped and ran away. 

The victim reported the assault and police arrived to investigate. They found the victim’s glasses and necklace near the area the alleged assault happened, and also found a condom wrapper that was sent for DNA and fingerprint testing. 

Court records show police were able to collect security footage from nearby businesses that showed the attack. Through these videos, police were able to get a clear image of the suspect’s face. 

Officers put out an attempt to locate bulletin with the suspect’s photo. Another officer located a photo of Jake in local records and identified him as a match to the person seen in the surveillance photos. 

Jake’s mother later positively identified him, court documents say. 

Police later arrested Jake at his home and charged him with second-degree rape. 

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